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Merino Wool – Insulation

Merino Wool is a Natural Fibre, which is naturally soft against sensitive skin areas. Merino Wool is a warm fibre, but also allows heat and moisture to escape; Merino Wool naturally absorbs moisture to keep you dry.

Synthetic fibres can be ideal for technical insulation, but for sensitive skin areas, the natural fibres from Merino Sheep, Merino Wool, is a soft wool product that is much lighter than other sheep’s wool, making it the ideal choice for next to skin items. Merino Wool can retain heat in colder climates, as well as allow convection, conduction and evaporative heat loss in warm weathers; your feet can sweat up to 250mls (each) per day under normal conditions, and a lot more in warm weather or during increased aerobic activity.

Updated on August 7, 2019

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